Buy Your New Home And Rent Your Old House

Start by determining if renting your property is a smart financial investment


Only Knox Has

Services purpose built to take the hassle out of owning an income property

People and technology to help you make better decisions and more money

Financing that counts the value in your house towards the down payment on your new one

Unlock your equity

You don’t need to tie up your equity. Access the wealth in your home without selling.

Downpayment on your new home

Fund repairs & renovations

Turn equity into cash

Buy with nothing out of pocket

Pay down your debt

No surprises. No nickel and diming. 

We only get paid when you get paid

  • No bank fees
  • No brokerage fees
  • No property management fees
  • No rent payment processing fees

Now you can own investment property without the headaches. We make it simple.

Banking, rent collection, and bill payment

We handle the books, tax reporting, and bills are paid on time. 

Insurance and risk mitigation

You get the highest quality coverage for the best price.

Property maintenance and renovations

You’ll never swing a hammer, find contractors, or pickup the phone.

Free tenant placement, screening, leasing

No brokerage fees period. Not to you or the renter.

You already own your best investment, why sell?

The property you already own is the best investment in your portfolio and you don’t have to sell. We can prove it to you.

Show me the numbers.

“On a month-to-month basis, things are so seamless behind the scenes, that I sometimes forget that I own rented property–but will obviously reap the benefits in the long term.”