Knox Financial Launches Investment Property Wealth Creation Calculator

Investment property calculator. Calculator shows homeowners and landlords how much wealth they can build through the properties they already own 

September 9, 2020 — Knox Financial, the Frictionless Ownership® company offering an effortless way to build wealth through investment properties, today announced the Knox Wealth Creation Calculator, an easy-to-use tool that offers instant analysis of how a home can perform as an investment property.  

“At a time where the wealth gap in the United States is growing wider by the day, we’re focused on helping more people build wealth through real estate — an investment class that has traditionally been reserved for the wealthiest among us,” said David Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Knox. 

He added, “Most people don’t know how their property can perform as an investment. For homeowners who are ready to move, I’d strongly encourage them to spend a few minutes evaluating the opportunity to turn their home into an investment property before they decide to sell. The numbers are often eye-opening. For landlords, the Knox Frictionless Wealth Creation Calculator offers clarity. We let investors know if they’re getting the best returns possible.” 

When a homeowner or property investor types her address into the Knox Frictionless Wealth Creation Calculator, she will immediately see the 10-year wealth generation projection for the address in question, as well as the average annual rate of return the property can achieve on the Knox Frictionless Ownership Platform. The Knox Wealth Creation Calculator is based on Knox’s proprietary data sets and algorithms, as well as public record data and trends.
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