Knox Announces Realtor Partner Network to Help More People Build Wealth Through Investment Property Ownership

Network provides realtors with tools and resources for attracting more investment property buyers.

June 11, 2019 — Knox Financial, a fintech company that is making investment property ownership simple, today announced the Knox Realtor Partner Network. This new program is designed to help realtors sell homes to people who are interested in building wealth through investment property ownership.

“Many realtors have networks of past and potential clients who want to build wealth through real estate, but either aren’t sure how to get started, or don’t want to take on the responsibilities of becoming a landlord,” said Dave Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Knox. “We’re offering relators tools and techniques that help them identify which of their previous buyers are ready to be investment property owners, and sell investment properties more effectively.”

Realtors who join the Knox network can offer prospective investment property buyers confidence that they are making sound purchasing decisions. Prior to buying an investment property, Knox forecasts how the home would perform as an investment property, and offers this forecast free-of-charge. Knox also equips relators with the tools and resources they need to identify which of their previous buyers are good candidates for investment property ownership, and to address commonly asked questions about investment property ownership.

“The biggest concerns prospective investment property buyers have are often about the headaches that come with finding tenants and maintaining the property,” said Spencer Taylor, COO and co-founder of Knox. “Working with Knox, realtors can assure their clients that they can reap the benefits of investment property ownership, without having to handle any landlord responsibilities.” 

After the realtor sells an investment property, the buyer has the option of enrolling the home in the Knox Frictionless Ownership Program. Knox manages every aspect of investment property ownership, from finding tenants to collecting rent and maintaining properties. Knox also ensures that properties are rented at optimal rates and maintained efficiently, making investment properties more profitable for their owners. Once a home is enrolled in the Knox program, the homeowner receives a payment each quarter as a passive investor while continuing to own 100% of the equity in the home. 

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