Knox Financial Launches First-of-its-kind Mortgage Product

Knox Financial

The Knox Equity Access Program (KEAP) is designed to give you the cash you need to keep the house you’re moving out of as a long term investment and still afford your next home.

DALLAS, April 13, 2022 — Knox Financial, the fintech company making it easy to turn the house you’re moving out of into a smart financial asset and still afford your new home, today announced the launch of the Knox Equity Access Program (KEAP). Available exclusively to Knox customers in Texas, KEAP mortgage products will help homeowners in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin quickly unlock the equity in the house they’re moving out of so that they can keep the home as an investment property instead of selling.

“Many homeowners don’t realize that they have the equity to buy their new home while still  holding on to their old house as an investment — part of the problem is that traditional mortgage products don’t serve this situation very well,” said David Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Knox Financial. “KEAP loans are designed to eliminate the cash constraint barrier. Now, homeowners across Texas can turn the houses they’re moving out of into completely hands-off investments and let Knox take care of absolutely everything.  The result is an outstanding investment that outperforms public markets, creates tax benefits, and helps Americans achieve their financial goals.” 

Added Virginia Ng, Director of Knox Lending Corp, “KEAP loans really are a game changer. They free up millions of American families from having to sell when it’s time to move. Banks don’t help you much in these situations. So, we created the mortgage our customers need in order to make their investments work.” 

KEAP loans give homeowners access to capital, based on the equity in the home that they are turning into an investment property with Knox. Homeowners can then use their KEAP loan to fund the downpayment on their next home, pay for repairs or renovations on their investment property, make additional investments, or simply to access the equity in their investment property at any time and for any reason. 

“My house needed some repairs to get it ready for tenants. The Knox team got me a KEAP loan that was not only lighting quick, but was also the most cost efficient option around,” said Knox customer Marcus O., based in Dallas. “They also saved me over $20,000 on the repair work through their network of contractors. I’ve been so pleased with Knox that I just put another house on the platform. I keep telling my friends that if they want to turn their home into an investment property, Knox is the way to go.” 

KEAP loans are structured as a home equity line of credit (HELOC). Unlike a traditional application process, Knox can quickly work with its clients on loan approval based largely on the financial information that they provide when putting their property on the Knox Platform. Loans are financed through Knox’s newly-created lending company, Knox Lending Corp. 

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Knox Financial makes it easy to turn the house you’re moving out of into a smart financial asset and still afford your new home. Named one of the HousingWire Tech 100 in 2022, Knox offers the people, technology, and financing to take the hassle out of owning investment property, and enable homeowners to make more money from their investment property. To learn more, visit

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