Knox Financial 2021 Year in Review

When we launched Knox Financial in the spring of 2019, we set out to give everyday homeowners access to change the homeownership patter and, in doing so, give millions of families an outstanding investment opportunity. 

For homeowners who are moving, Knox makes it easy to buy your new home and keep their old house as a smart financial asset. Knox properties yield market-beating returns far exceeding those available to most investors in the public markets. Once a property is enrolled on the Knox Investment Property Platform, the owner becomes a hands-off property investor. Knox takes care of everything — property wealth advising and planning, leasing and legal, cashflow management and bill pay, insurance optimization, tenant and property care, finances, taxes, and more. Highlights from 2021 include:

Helping more people who are ready to move keep their old house as an investment property  

Buy your new home. Keep your existing home.

In less than three years since launching our pilot, Knox has grown from a small, Boston-based startup to the U.S.’s largest financial services and technology platform for investment property owners.

At the beginning of 2021, Knox announced $10 million in venture financing, and has used this capital to launch in markets across the U.S., grow its team, and add hundreds of units to the Knox Investment Property Platform. 

Giving investors a great investment property experience

Knox provides a great experience for homeowners who decide to put their houses on the Knox Investment Property Platform instead of selling. Over the last year, we’ve enhanced every aspect of the Knox Platform, from streamlining the onboarding process to optimizing all aspects of overseeing and optimizing their property finances. 

For homeowners who are considering whether to sell their home or hold it as an investment, in 2021 Knox made significant enhancements to the  Knox Property Wealth Calculator, making it easier than ever before to see the investment potential of their home.

Once homeowners enroll their properties on Knox, they don’t leave. In 2021, Knox has over 90% customer retention.

Expanding our property investment platform across the U.S.

In 2021, Knox launched its Investment Property Platform in cities across Arizona, Florida, and Texas. We are now operational across seven states and nine major metro areas, and plan to continue expanding in 2022. 

Opening our Newbury Street Headquarters

In the spring of 2021, Knox opened an office on Boston’s iconic Newbury Street. Located at 177 Newbury Street, the office is a place where people can meet the Knox team, and see how Knox uses technology, data, and expertise to optimize financial returns for investment property owners. 

Educating homeowners on investment properties

Over the last year, Knox Financial CEO David Friedman has written a series of articles for offering his advice and perspective on everything related to investment properties, from why a sellers market may be the worst time to sell your home, to pitfalls to avoid when buying an investment property. You can read his pieces here.

Dave has also spoken on a range of podcasts over the last year to offer investment property best practices, including The Motley Fool’s Millionacres podcast, The Real Estate Raw Show, Forward Thinking Founders, and more. 

Scaling the Knox team

In 2021, Knox has grown its team by more than 50%, making key hires across finance, operations, business development, marketing, and sales departments. Knox now has more than 30 employees, and is continuing to hire as more homeowners who are ready to move decide to keep their old home as an effortless, safe investment.

2022 will be a year of significant growth for Knox. If you’d like to learn more about careers at Knox, visit