Knox Financial and WayForth Partner to Help Retirees Build Generational Wealth

Retirees transitioning to senior living can use Knox to generate passive income through the homes they’re moving out of

BOSTON, March 10, 2021 — Knox Financial, a fintech company making it dramatically easier to own investment property and optimize returns, today announced a partnership with WayForth, the leader in home transition management.

Founded in 2016, WayForth helps people navigate the logistical, financial, and emotional challenges associated with major life transitions. In partnering with WayForth, Knox Financial will offer homeowners who are moving into senior living a seamless, hands-off solution for converting their homes into rental properties, and optimizing the financial returns from their properties. 

“When retirees put their homes in the Knox program, they can save on the costs and taxes associated with selling their homes, use the income from their property to fund their retirement, and create generational wealth for their family,” said David Friedman, CEO of Knox Financial. “Through our partnership with WayForth, we look forward to helping seniors across the U.S. leverage the value of the homes they already own to build the best possible financial future for themselves and their families.”  

When WayForth clients put the homes they’re moving out of onto the Knox Frictionless Ownership PlatformTM, Knox automates and optimizes the property’s finances and taxes, insurance, leasing and legal, tenant and property care, banking, and bill pay — ensuring that the investment property achieves its highest performance and allowing the owner to be a passive investor. 

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About WayForth

WayForth is the nation’s largest home transition management company, providing transition expertise and resources as well as move management solutions for people experiencing life transitions of all kinds, from retirement to new homebuyers to geographic relocation and more. WayForth’s services combine the compassion and guidance of client experts with user-friendly technology to remove the stress and complexity of move management. The company’s mission is to guide people and families through significant and often emotional moves. WayForth helps people with valuable legal and financial resources as well as hands-on help to organize, distribute, store and transport belongings to make these transitions more efficient, enabling their clients to move forward into a lifestyle they can embrace. WayForth is headquartered in Richmond, Va. and offers services throughout the East and West coast, with plans for expanding into other regions. For more information about WayForth, visit