Knox Financial Appoints Timothy Smith as Chief Financial Officer

August 27, 2019 — Knox Financial, a fintech company that is making rental property ownership easier and more profitable, today announced that Timothy Smith has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. 

“Since launching Knox in the spring of 2019, we’ve signed up more than 30 properties in the Greater Boston area, with dozens more in the pipeline,” said Dave Friedman, CEO and co-Founder of Knox. “As we continue to grow within Boston, and prepare to launch Knox in additional markets over the next year, we’re bringing on a talented and seasoned CFO who can help us scale the financial operations of our solution for simplifying rental property investment.” 

Smith brings to Knox more than two decades of experience serving in leading finance and operations roles. Prior to joining Knox, Smith was the president and CEO of managing consultant firm TAMAS Logic. Previously, Smith held CFO roles at FMB, Atlantic Lab Equipment, Cambridge Biomedical, Odyssey Bay Ventures, and Enefco USA. Smith earned a BS in Business Administration and Management from Susquehanna University, and an MBA from Lehigh University. 

“Owning a rental property can be an incredible investment, but many people decide against it because taking care of the property, dealing with tenants, and managing finances seems like too much of a burden,” said Timothy Smith. “Knox is the only company that has turned rental property ownership into a hands-off financial product. I look forward to helping the company continue to grow.” 

About Knox Financial

Knox is making rental property ownership easier and more profitable. A homeowner who is ready to move, or a landlord who already owns rentals, can put their property into the Knox program. Knox turns these properties into passive investments, taking care of absolutely everything — financing, accounting, tax, legal, insurance, property maintenance, tenant sourcing and management, and more. Further, Knox’s simplified success fee structure aligns their incentives with those of the property owner — Knox only makes money when they make money. Knox does not charge brokerage fees or management fees, and does not upcharge maintenance costs. The owner simply sits back and receives a check from Knox each quarter, and lets Knox handle the details.

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