Knox Financial Launches Investment Property Platform in Cities Across Georgia and Texas

Nationwide demand fueled by people who want to turn the homes they’re moving out of into investments and landlords who want hands-off way to maximize their properties’ performance

BOSTON, September 16, 2020 — Knox Financial, the Frictionless Ownership® company offering an effortless way to build wealth through investment property, today announced an expansion into new U.S. markets. Starting today, the Knox Frictionless Ownership Platform is available in Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; and Houston, Texas.

“When you see how the world’s richest individuals build wealth through investment properties, you’ll notice that they often have a team of finance, marketing, legal, maintenance, and real estate experts that do all the work and optimize the properties’ investment performance,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Knox. “Knox is the first company to make all of these resources available in a simple, hands-off, money-saving platform. With Knox’s continued expansion, we’re giving millions more homeowners the ability to turn the homes they’re moving out of into market-beating investments, and also offering landlords an effortless solution for building more wealth through the properties they already own.”

The Knox Frictionless Ownership Platform optimizes all aspects of building wealth through investment properties. Once a property is enrolled on the Frictionless Ownership Platform, Knox oversees the property’s finances and taxes, insurance, marketing to prospective renters, tenant communication and rent collection; and property care — ensuring that the investment property achieves its highest performance, without the owner having to do any of the work associated with being a landlord. Knox is for homeowners who are ready to move, as well as landlords who want to see better performance and a better cost structure from their investments. 

Knox launched in the Boston area in 2019, and is now overseeing a portfolio of more than $65 million in residential real estate across New England. The company was named Boston’s most promising new startup of 2019 by BostInno, and one of the Startups of the Year in the 2020 American Business Awards. In June, Knox announced an expansion into cities in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. 
To see instantly how much wealth you can build through the real estate you already own, type your address into the Knox Wealth Creation Calculator.