The Real Estate Market Points to Your Home Being a Great Investment Property

Knox great investment property. Hello, 2021! We’ve just entered a new year. Beyond a new calendar date, this transition marks a substantial place in the real estate market’s regular cycles. 

Right now, everyone’s eyes are locked on the 2021 housing market. After a tumultuous year, we’re all ready for clarity. Investigating today’s housing market movements is imperative for planning your next best moves. The current real estate outlook will form the foundation for this year’s strategies. 

Income-Producing Property Investing in 2021

This is especially relevant for anyone considering delving into income property ownership. 

As with any investment, due diligence is required to set your efforts up for success. Is right now a good time to invest in owning an income-producing property? The answer to this question lies in the 2021 housing market outlook. 

Good news, prospective investors. All signs from the real estate market are pointing towards your home being a profitable, longevous, and successful investment opportunity. 

You don’t need to take our word for it. In this article, the Knox Financial team is breaking it down. 

Here are 5 reasons why the real estate market is setting the stage for your home to become a great income investment:

Record Low Mortgage Rates

Whether you’re interested in buying additional properties or converting the home you have now, low mortgage rates are always a good sign for real estate investors. 

Mortgage rates plummeted last year to record lows – and they’re set to stay. 

If you’re planning to buy a new home and turn the one you have now into an investment property, you’ll be able to lock in low interest rates on your home loan. For current landlords that are looking to expand their portfolios with more properties, today’s low interest rates are a great sign to move forward. 

In both cases, this market condition will improve the profitability of your investment since less of your returns will go towards interest payments. 

Property Values are Expected to Increase

Right now, the competition between buyers is high. As the market continues to preference sellers, it’s caused many analysts to call for an increase in property values this year

With home values expected to rise, keeping your home and leveraging it as an investment opportunity will allow owners to hold onto that increasing value. Never sell your home – but especially not now.

Rental Properties are in High Demand 

In 2020, housing became a top priority for people all across the country. As more renters and buyers seek stability during these uncertain times, the demand for rental properties is notably high. 

Specifically, renters are seeking single-family residences. Meanwhile, national rental preferences have shifted as people are looking for homes in suburban residential areas. This movement within the housing market has established a strong grounding for income-producing property investment. 

Real Estate is More Stable than Stocks 

Property investment isn’t just about the right-now moment. While investigating today’s conditions, it’s also important to be looking at the long term. 

Becoming an income-producing property owner is a longevous experience. You’ll own this property for years to come, so investors will want to ensure that they’ll be secure from start to finish. 

The great thing about real estate is that it’s considered a stable investment outlet. Unlike volatile options such as stocks and bonds, income-producing properties aren’t subject to intense fluctuations and sudden changes.

As other areas of investment are still struggling to regain balance after 2020, real estate is standing strong as a reliable investment arena. 

It’s Always a Good Time to Invest with Knox Financial 

At the end of the day, a good investment is all about balancing the expenses and returns. 

Real estate is stable, so even when the market is experiencing unfavorable conditions, there’s still room for success. If you have a strong strategy, investors can always shape their own profitable investments.

From this perspective, it’s always a good time to invest when you work with Knox Financial, a leading service provider. Knox converts your home into an effortless, seamless, and safe investment that delivers passive cash flow straight into your bank account. We take care of all the work while you watch your property values and bank accounts grow. 

Fortunately, the current housing market conditions are only propelling income-producing property investments. If you’re looking to maximize your profits while keeping the expenses and efforts low, let Knox Financial take care of your investment needs. 

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