Why Knox Gives You An Investment Edge?

The Knox investment edge is made possible through wealth creation from passive income and value growth. Knox Financial was founded on the premise that your home is your best investment. We already knew that a majority of household wealth was being built through home ownership. We wanted to know just how well real estate performed vs. other investment options. What we found astonished us; the data showed that if an investment property could have been placed in the Knox program in 1998, it would have produced a 369% greater return than the same investment made in the S&P 500 over a 20-year period.

Many Americans do not take advantage of investment property ownership because of the time and hassle associated with managing income property. The Knox Platform was built to turn this hassle into a simple, painless process we call Frictionless Ownership.

Frictionless Ownership enables a broad range of homeowners – middle-income, millennial, to earners, and retirees to name a few – to put the equity in their home to work like never before. By removing all of the work associated with investment property ownership, we empower homeowners to pursue alternative investment strategies and hedge the housing market, all while generating passive income and market-beating returns.

Knox has launched in Boston real estate market because, as a top-10 market, there is no better place to show the American public what Frictionless Ownership can do for their financial futures. Want to see what Frictionless ownership can do for you?

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