Knox Rent Protection
Ultimate Peace Of Mind

Receive uninterrupted revenue from your investment property.

Knox Rent Protection Has Your Back

Starting at 1% of the value of the lease, Knox will protect your income for up to 3 months of lost income.

Keep your investment’s cash flow safe with Knox Rent Protection. Don’t get caught high and dry if your tenant loses a job, falls ill, or worse.

Enroll in peace of mind and protect your revenue with Knox Rent Protection.

A New Layer Of Frictionless Ownership

Knox Rent Protection means affordable revenue security

You count on steady cash flow from your portfolio to support your lifestyle. Knox rent protection covers you if rent doesn’t show up.

For just a few dollars a month, investment property owners on the Knox platform will enjoy a luxury that most only dreamed of — completely predictable and uninterrupted cash flow. 

How Knox Rent Protection Works

Uninterrupted Revenue

Knox Rent Protection is just another reason why Frictionless Ownership is redefining investment property.

The Knox Platform lowers costs, increases revenue, and finds new opportunities within your investment portfolio. Knox is incentivized to make your units perform better while taking the work of being a landlord off of your hands. Generate more steady income and better investment returns from your properties. Add in an extra layer of Frictionless Ownership with Knox Rent Protection.