If you are retiring or downsizing, Knox creates a steady income stream from your current home to maintain your lifestyle.

Knox is changing how downsizers build wealth by turning your home into a market-beating, effortless source of passive income that is safe and frictionless.

We make it ridiculously easy to own income property.


1. Meet Randy and Tom

Randy and Tom have been married for 35 years. They’re looking forward to retirement. They love their house, but they want to be close to their kids, who live in another state. It’s time to move.

2. It’s their investment

Randy and Tom bought their home when their kids were 3 and 6. Now, they have 5 grandchildren. Their home has gone up in value by multiples. It’s now worth over $800,000 and represents a significant portion of their net worth. Their neighborhood is starting to fill up with new young families, just like they were when they moved in.

3. Is it worth the hassle?

Randy and Tom are trying to figure out how to afford retirement while leaving a nest egg to their children? They’re searching for investments that can balance income and value growth. They’re hard to find. They realize that their home has been the best investment they ever made and could be a great source of income while continuing to appreciate. When starting to think about turning the home into an income property, it seems impossible. They’ll be several hours away. Being active landlords is just not an option.

4. It’s time to call Knox

When they start to think about, insurance, leasing, maintenance, management, background checks, and 2am calls about a leaky sink, they’re even less optimistic. Tom is ready to give up and just sell. A traditional, conservative portfolio of bonds and annuities seems like the easy path. Unfortunately, if they sell, they could miss out on the best investment opportunity available to them. Randy is smart and lets Tom know it. She calls Knox.

5. The Knox team is super helpful and knowledgeable

They show Randy and Tom how their home is projected to perform as an income property over time. It is a cash machine! Knox is flexible. The team listens to Randy and Tom, helping them balance leverage and cash flow so they can buy a new home in their new community.

6. Knox handles all the details

Making Randy and Tom both feel confident and secure. While Randy and Tom shop for their new home, the Knox team is busy finding a renter, running background checks, finding the right insurance policy, and negotiating a lease. Smoooooooooth.

7. Knox makes the experience frictionless

Knox helps Randy and Tom refinance their home so that they have the money they need to buy their next home. Randy and Tom find the perfect house to move into. Knox manages the move-in of a great renter. Any time the renter has an issue or maintenance need, they call Knox. Frictionless.

8. It’s money in the bank

Every quarter, Randy and Tom see a deposit land in their bank account. Every year, they have a tax shelter that saves them money. All the while, they see the value of their investment growing, year after year. It makes them proud to know they’ll be passing such a valuable asset on to their children.

Be like Randy. Call Knox at 617-684-1847

Turning your home into a source of income is easy, safe, and frictionless with Knox.