Knox Financial Launches Investment Property Platform in Tampa

Tampa homeowners and landlords can enroll in the Knox Frictionless Ownership® Platform for optimizing investment property wealth creation

TAMPA, Fla., May 17, 2021 — Knox Financial, the fintech company for property investors, today announced that it has launched in Tampa, Florida.  

“Home values in Tampa have increased more than 10% over the last year — the market is incredibly strong and many homeowners are looking for a way to hold onto their properties when they move out,” said David Friedman, CEO of Knox Financial. “In addition, investors are looking for the best way to optimize the returns they see from their property portfolios. Knox uses technology, data, and expertise to bring preferred returns to any investment property owner, delivering a passive investing experience that’s akin to working with a financial advisor.“

Knox was named one of the 2021 HousingWire Tech100 for, “creating technology solutions that make owning investment property as simple 
as owning a share of stock.” Starting today, homeowners and landlords in Tampa can enroll on the Knox Frictionless Ownership® Platform, a technology-driven solution that ensures the property achieves its highest performance and allows the owner to be a completely passive investor. The Frictionless Ownership Platform optimizes all aspects of investment property ownership, including finances and taxes, insurance, leasing and legal, tenant and property care, banking, and bill pay. 

Knox Financial launched in 2019, and is now operational in seven metropolitan areas across the United States. The company is currently overseeing a portfolio of more than $100M in investment properties. Knox recently announced $10M in Series A funding, and will use this capital to fund an expansion into cities across the U.S. in 2021.  

To learn how much wealth your property could generate through Knox, type your address into the Knox Property Wealth Calculator.

About Knox Financial

Knox is the first financial institution for property investors. Built on a foundation of data and automation, the Knox Frictionless Ownership® Platform optimizes cash flow and wealth creation through investment property. Knox currently operates in 6 states and is expanding rapidly across the US. To learn more, visit