Knox takes the work of being a landlord off your hands while helping you maximize your cash flow and substantially reduce expenses, generating more steady income and better investment returns from your properties.

Knox is changing how landlords build wealth by turning your property into a market-beating, effortless source of income that is safe and stress free.

We make it ridiculously easy to own income property.


1. Meet Larry

Larry has owned an investment property for 15 years. The house has gone up in value considerably. Every month, Larry gets a rent check and he loves the steady income.

2. It’s his investment

Larry manages the property himself. In the beginning, Larry had a number of tenant turnovers it seemed folks wouldn’t stay for more than a year or two. So, he did some renovations. For the past few years, he’s had the same tenants. They don’t bother him too much and pay their rent on time. So, he’s not raised the rent at all, even though the neighborhood keeps appreciating.

3. Is it worth the hassle?

Larry just got a new job in another state. He can’t manage the place himself anymore and he doesn’t want to sell. He knows that if he does, he’ll be kicking himself in a few years because the house is just going to keep getting more valuable. He’ll have to pay a fortune in capital gains taxes. Plus, he loves the monthly income.

4. It’s time to call Knox

A few years ago, Larry tried working with a property management firm down the street who also did home rentals and sales. It was nice not to have to take maintenance calls on weekends, but the turnovers kept coming and the fees didn’t seem worth the service. Larry thinks he might have to throw up his hands and just sell out. Larry calls Knox instead.

5. The Knox team is super helpful and knowledgeable

They listen to Larry’s situation and explain how they can turn the home into a passive investment. Larry feels like this is a smart alternative. Knox does an analysis and sees he’s charging far too little for rent. They also identify several opportunities for cost savings that will make placing the home on the Knox Platform cost neutral.

6. Knox handles all the details

Larry can focus on his move and his new job while feeling confident that his investment is in good hands. Knox seamlessly takes over the property, finds a better insurance policy, and assumes all tenant responsibilities. Smoooooooooth.

7. Knox makes the experience frictionless

Knox sends Larry a statement every quarter along with the net proceeds on the unit. When it’s time to renew the lease, Knox adjusts the rent to a more appropriate rate. When a repair is required, Knox’s contractors do the work for a far better price than Larry could ever get on his own. Any time the renter has an issue or maintenance need, they call Knox.

8. It’s money in the bank

Every quarter, Larry sees a deposit land in his bank account. Year after year, that deposit grows and grows. All the while, his investment is appreciating, year after year, giving him lots of options. Larry is happy.

Be like Larry. Call Knox at 866-448-7608

Turning your home into a source of income is easy, safe, and frictionless with Knox.