Work with more investor clients

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Knox has developed a system of documents and resources to help you generate more investor clients. Every successful realtor has clients who want to own more property. Knox makes it simple for your clients to become income property owners and for your investor customers to grow their portfolios without any of the headaches.

We know you’re the expert

There is no such thing as a national real estate market. Every city, town, and neighborhood is different. You know the ins and outs of your market. We rely on great service and honest guidance from real estate pros like you. You also have a network of past and potential clients who want to build wealth through real estate. Knox gives you the tools and resources to produce more transactions that lead to investment property ownership.  

Work with more buyers

Your past clients are your future clients. Every great Realtor® knows that. Usually, with the right marketing, this means your past buyers turn into your future sellers. What if you could turn more of your clients into repeat buyers? Knox helps you do just that. We’ll give you tools and techniques that help you mine your happy customers to find the ones who are ready to be income property owners. Since they already trust you, if they’ve been thinking about owning investment property, we’ll help you shake the tree and find the fruit that’s hiding in your network.

Close more deals

Knox works with you to give your customers confidence. We crunch the numbers and give them the facts, making your life easier. Then, we make the entire transaction much easier on the buyer and on you. Once the transaction closes, ownership becomes frictionless. That’s our business. You close another side, we take care of the rest.

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