Sell Your House Quickly Or Turn The Property Into A Rental That Makes You More Money?

Start by determining if renting your property is a smart financial investment

Trying to sell your home fast?

What if you could buy your new home and turn your current house in to a rental.

  • Earn monthly income quickly.
  • Use equity in the property to buy your new home with nothing out of pocket.
  • Make more money keeping the home as a rental compared to selling now.
  • Determine if renting your property is smarter than selling for a short term gain.

Not ready to talk? Try the instant property value calculator

Your instant analysis includes:

  • The estimated value of your property today
  • 10-year Wealth Projection
  • Average ROI per year projection

Why shouldn’t I cash out now?

Unless you need the money immediately, keeping the property and renting long term is arguably the best investment you can have. Compared to the stock market (the S&P 500), keeping real estate beats it by multiples.

Don’t I need to sell to afford my downpayment and to finance my new home?

In most cases, no. Knox helps you leverage the equity in your current home for a downpayment on your new home. We are the only company that offers this kind of financing for investment properties.


“On a month-to-month basis, things are so seamless behind the scenes, that I sometimes forget that I own rented property–but will obviously reap the benefits in the long term.”


Keep your home and put it to work for you

Knox is on a mission to turn the home you are moving out of into an effortless, safe investment that delivers passive cash flow without the stress of becoming a landlord. Now you can keep your house as an investment and afford to buy your new home.

Don’t Sell. Speak with Knox first.