Knox Testimonials

The best advertising is done by satisfied customers – and Knox has lots of them.

Here is a small sample of homeowners and renters who are enjoying the effortless Knox lifestyle.


Boston, Massachusetts

I have only been working with Knox for a few months, but as my first experience in the world of renting a property, it has so far been overwhelmingly positive. The folks at Knox handled all of the logistics, responsively taking input from me as needed. On a month-to-month basis, things are so seamless behind the scenes, that I sometimes forget that I own rented property–but will obviously reap the benefits in the long term.

– Gabriel
Dallas, Texas

I hired Knox to turn my condo into a rental, and I’ve been very happy with the experience. They helped me line up insurance, tenants, and refinancing options. Overall has been very low maintenance for me and let me avoid selling the property into a down market.

– Zachary
Atlanta, Georgia

Excellent, fast/speedy work, professional, step-by-step help in signing up.

– C.K.
Atlanta, Georgia

The Knox team and their property management/financial services have been instrumental in allowing us to keep our duplex since moving from greater Boston to Utah back in the spring of 2019. Their whole process – from interview to setup to active management including finding quality tenants at top of market rates – really is as frictionless and hands off from my experience as you’ll find. They are incredibly responsive & the value you get for the price is unmatched. Highly recommend!

– J


Providence, Rhode Island

Before moving home from across the country this summer, I had an easy decision to make with Knox. I was able to send my parents to look on my behalf and remotely lease, effortlessly! The modern-day solution.

– Alison
Houston, Texas

Renting with Knox was hardly a chore (especially during COVID). An enticing virtual tour got my roommates and me on a physical tour, and we had a new address barely 48-hours later. I like that we have a resource if needed for maintenance needs. Glad to have found such a unique property!

– Gabe