Knox Is The First Wealth Advisor For Property Investors

Knox is changing the way property owners build wealth.  You’ve always had a financial advisor for your stocks and bonds. Now, there’s Knox for your investment property. Knox puts your home or portfolio to work for you as the superior, passive investment you need, maximizing your return.

Experience The Superior ROI & Freedom Of Frictionless Ownership

We make it ridiculously easy to own income property.

Knox is on a mission to make owning investment property as simple as owning a share of stock or a savings bond. You continue to own the property and Knox is incentivized to make that investment perform.

It’s that simple.

Beat The Market, Without The Risk

The Knox platform uses data and automation to optimize your property’s investment returns.

  • Build wealth dramatically faster than you can with stocks and bonds
  • Investments optimized to your financial goals
  • Multiply your principle over the long-term
  • Financing options available to turn equity into cash
  • A source of consistent, passive income
  • Diversify your portfolio and beat the S&P 500
  • Maximum tax deductions with the paperwork you need to easily file.

Investing In Real Estate Used To Come With A Job. Now There Is Knox.

Keep your home and put it to work for you

Knox changes how homeowners who are ready to move build wealth by turning their existing home into a market-beating, effortless, and safe income property. The average home in America placed on the Knox platform can beat the S&P 500 by multiples. Whether you are up-sizing, downsizing, or a landlord, we make it frictionless, do all the work for you, and help people generate passive income and superior wealth.

Do you own a property portfolio? Knox pays for itself with performance.

Say goodbye to brokerage fees and property management fees. Say hello to investment performance.

The Knox Platform lowers real estate costs, increases revenue, and finds new opportunities within your investment portfolio. Knox is incentivized to make your units perform better while taking the work of being a landlord off your hands. Generate more steady income and better investment returns from your properties. We only make money when you make money.